Vegetables and Herbs 2021

In 1981 Kerns Landscapes came into existence in Jewett, NY. With the need to have shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals more accessible on the mountain top to meet our customer's needs we began by keeping nursery stock at our home to use on our contracted jobs. Pat, after working at two local nurseries, had a love of plants and gardening and in 1987 we thought that starting our own nursery would be a good way to expand the business. There really was never a plan to grow as big as we've become. It just happened and now we produce over 600 perennial plants and over now over 600 varieties of bedding and specialty annuals, herbs and vegetables.

the 2021 season we have155 Vegetables, including many tomatoes, plus 41 Herbs.  Vegetable gardening during the Covid-19 crisis is booming, see the Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley lead story from CBS

There are extended hours on Memorial Day weekend and the first weekend in June


Vegetables & Herbs

We Grow many varieties of beefsteak tomatoes along with, plum, cherry and grape. Also some of the more unusual varieties, including several heirloom types. 

At Kerns we produce a limited number of gallon tomato pots, for those who want an even earlier crop. But there are plenty of out normal potted tomatoes grown in individual pots. We plant the stem deeply on transplantation which insures a sturdier stem and more roots. Sold by the pot or by the flat.

New this year we have pre-started corn in our green houses.  A hard crop to grow in our short season and early start could make a difference in your yield.

2021 Herb List


HE Allium Tubersom (Garlic Chives)
HE Basil Everleaf Genovese
HE Basil Genovese
HE Basil Italian Large Leaf
HE Basil Purple Ruffle
Basil Sweet Thai
HE Borage
HE Catnip
HE Chamomile German
HE Chives Garlic
HE Chives schoenoprasum
HE Cilantro Santo
HE Dill Bouquet
HE Dill Bouquet
HE Dill Fernleaf
HE Dill Fernleaf
HE Lemon Balm
HE Lemon Grass
HE Lemon Verbena
HE Mint Mojito
HE Mint Spearmint
HE Oregano Italian
HE Oregano Kent Beauty
HE Parsley Italian Dark Sgl
HE Parsley Triple Curled
HE Rosemary off Arp
HE Rosemary off Prostratus
HE Rosemary Tuscan Blue
HE Salvia-Sage Berggarten
HE Salvia-Sage Garden
HE Salvia-Sage Golden
HE Salvia-Sage Purple
HE Salvia-Sage Scar Pineapple
HE Stevia Sweet Leaf
HE Tarragon French
HE Thyme cit Lemon
HE Thyme praecox Albiflorus
HE Thyme praecox Coccineus
HE Thyme serp Magic Carpet
HE Thyme serp Pink Chintz
HE Thyme vul English

2021 Vegetable Lis and our 2021 Herbs

VF Arugula Astro
Asparagus roots
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VF Bean Gold Rush
VF Bean Green Jade II
VF Bean Green Provider
VF Bean  (Green climber)Seychelles
VF Beet Detroit Dark Red or Red acre
VF Broccoli Green Sprouting - Spring Raab
VF broccoli Eastern Magic 
VF Broccoli Gypsy
VF Brussels Sprout Dagon
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VF Cabbage Clarissa (Savoy late type)
VF Cabbage Red Ball
VF Cabbage Ruby Perfection
VF Cabbage Tendersweet
VF  Cabbage Tiarra
VF Cauliflower Snow Crown or Snow Ball
VF Celery Tango or Kelvin
VF Corn Honey & Pearl
VF Corn Natural Sweet
VF Corn Sugar Buns
VF Pop Corn Robust
VF Cucumber Diva (seedless)
VF Cucumber Homemade Pickles
VF Cucumber Marketmore 76
VF Cucumber Max Pack Pickling)
VF Cucumber Straight 8
VF Cucumber Sweet Success
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VF Eggplant Fairy Tale
VF Eggplant Nadia
VF Eggplant Patio Baby 
VF Eggplant Rosa Bianca
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VF Fennel preludio
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VF Gourd Harrowsmith Select
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VF Kale Black Magic
VF Kale Dinosaur aka toscano
VF Kale:salad/saute Kalebration Mix
VF kohlrabi Quickstar
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VF Leek American Flag or King Richard
VF Lettuce Buttercrunch
VF Lettuce Clegolaine
Lettuce Crispino
VF LETTUCE CUTTING: All Star Gourmet Lettuce Mix or bistro salad blend
VF lettuce Defender (romaine)
VF Lettuce Mirlo butterhead
VF Lettuce Newham
VF Lettuce Panisse
VF Lettuce Paris Island (Romaine)
VF Lettuce Red Salad Bowl
VF Lettuce Red Sail
VF Lettuce Rosaine
VF Lettuce Rouge de Hiver
VF Lettuce Roxy
VF Lettuce salad bowl mix
VF Lettuce salanova (green butter)
VF Lettuce Wildfire Mix for trimming
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VF Mellon Sweet Granite
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VF Onion Grn Banner Bunching
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VF Peas Green Arrow
VF Pea Maxigolt
VF Peas Shoots ( organic field pea sprouts
VF Peas Sugarsnap (Norli)  also 
VF Peas Prograss # 9
VF Pepper California Wonder
VF Pepper Carmen
VF Pepper Cornito Giallo (Corno di Torro)
VF Pepper Cupid mini  bell pepper
VF Pepper Golden California Wonder
VF Pepper Habanero: Hot Paper Lantern
VF Pepper Early Jalapeno 
VF Pepper King Arthur (bell)
VF Pepper - Lunch Box snack pepper mix
VF Pepper Poblano: Baron
VF Pepper sweet Peperoncini
VF Pepper Red Knight or Sweet Big red
VF Pepper Red Rocket (cayenne)
VF Sweet Big Red
VF Pepper Sweet Sunset
VF Pak Choy Win Win Choi
VF Pumpkin Baby Bear
VF Punpkin Big Max
VF Pumpkin Blaze
VF Pumpkin Champion
VF Pumpkin Early Giant
VF Pumpkin Grizzly Bear
VF Pumpkin Howden
VF Pumpkin Jack Be little
VF Pumpkin Jarrahdale large
VF Pumpkin Knuckle Head
VF Pumpkin Long Island Cheese
VF Pumpkin Marina di Chiogga
VF Pumpkin Musque de Provence
VF Pumpkin Pipsqueak
VF Pumpkin Rouge D'Etampes
VF Pumpkin Shiver
VF Pumpkin (squash)Turk'sTurban
VF Pumpkin Wee-B-Little
VF Pumpkin Wolf
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VF Sorrel
VF Spinach Acadia Or Olympia  - smoother leaf
VF Spinach Corvair - smoother leaf
VF Spinach Equinox
VF Squash Acorn  Autumn Delight
VF Squash Acorn Honey Bear
VF Squash Acorn  Tip Top
VF Squash Blue Hubbard
VF Squash Brice
VF Squash Butternut Butterscotch
VF Squash Delicata
VF Squash EasyPick Green sub this year with spineless perfection
VF Squash Kabocha Summer
VF Squash Yellow summer Slick Pick
VF Squash Zucchini Dark Green
VF Squash Zucchini  Safari
VF Squash Zuchini Spineless perfection
VF Swiss Chard Bright Lights
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VF Tomatillo generic
Tomato for HANGING  BST -  Cherry Fountain
VF Tomato Beefmaster
VF Tomato Big Beef
VF Tomato Big Boy
VF Tomato Big Boy
VF Tomato Early Girl
VF Tomato Early Girl
VF Tomato Jet Star
VF Tomato Jet Star
VF Patio
VF Tomato Supersonic
VF Tomato Supersonic
VF Tomato Big Rainbow
VF Tomato Brandywine Red
VF Tomato Brndywne Red Pot Lf
VF Tomato Cherokee Purple
VF Tomato Great White
VF Tomato Green Zebra
VF Tomato Old (Stripped) German
VF Tomato Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
VF Tomato Pruden's Purple
VF Tomato Amish Paste
VF Tomato La Roma III Red
VF Tomato  La Roma
VF Tomato San Marzano
VF Tomato San Marzano
VF Tomato Grape -
VF Tomato Pink Bumble Bee
VF Tomato Supersweet 100
VF Tomato Supersweet 100
VF Tomato Sungold
VF Tomato Sungold
VF Tomato Tiny Tm
VF Tomato Yellow Pear
VF Tomato Patio
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