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Gateway to the Nursery @ Kerns

The new shop front welcomes visitors to our gardens

We have designed and built a new entrance to the world of Kerns Nursery.
The new front welcomes visitors to the world of Kerns Nursery gardens, where you are welcome to visit and picnic, or shop for flowers, shrubs, trees or landscaping services. 

The new shop front @ Kerns also houses some of our garden furniture, ornaments and pottery and a selection of gift items for your garden, such as bird feeders, birdhouses, weathervanes and much more.

The coffee shop @ Kerns Nursery

Refreshments @ Kerns Nursery

The new Kerns front also includes our coffee shop ... whether you are here to just see
the gardens and picnic, or to shop ... our refreshments are available through the summer

  • We think that you will enjoy our new layout that incorporates a larger area for you to shop.  Doing this move also allows us greater space to expand our perennial line and to better space and organize our large group of perennials. 
  • We keep much of our stock in a holding area down below in our growing and landscape lot until we need to re-supply.
  • We have expanded our area for annual plants and bedding plants. 
  • Floral Shop ... offering fresh floral bouquets every weekend from May through Labor Day.  We will chose different seasonal flowers and arrange flowers in bouquet sleeves so they will be available for direct sale to dress your home, business or give as a gift. 
    Country Bouquets - Floral Shop.htm - Gift & Holiday Plants

 Many of our customers make a pleasant trip to the Catskills Mountaintop, visit our nursery, shop, get plants and gifts, while enjoying the scenery.

Photo of "Kerns Classic", before we added the new front.  But, with the new front, Kerns is even better.

Our new shop annex, has mulch, topsoil, fertilizer, grass seed, pottery, planters, porch boxes, garden furniture, tools, trellis 

We have now moved all our trees and shrubs to the other side of the nursery where we cleared a large area to better serve our customers with a more accessible area for tree and shrub sales. 


This year at Kerns Nursery we have a really large collection of well made, beautiful pottery, bird baths, fountains and sculpture for your gardens.  We carry the quality Campana Pottery who produces a line of cast stone products that holds up well year after year with proper care and has a strong integrity to style, color and construction.  Our inventory includes quite a few pieces of their Longwood garden collection and any beautiful fountains in several styles.  Running water is a peaceful addition to any garden design.  Garden Benches and table and bench settings are also available

Our terra cotta collection offers some very unusual shapes and sizes – including some very large pots and matching sets.  We also have the normal azalea and standard clay pots in various sizes.     We also carry many imported pots; Our Vietnamese pots are rustic brown and very large in hardy design and shapes.  You will find nice sets of glazed pottery or uniquely striking individual pieces.  Some smaller unique pots and vases can be found in our flower shop.

At Kerns nursery we carefully select our garden sculpture which includes; woodland animals, owls, birds, dragons, and other quality pieces.  New also this year we will be carrying some cast stone – rocks with carved out pocks to plant small dwarf rock garden plants or tiny trees – for the bonsai look.  As usual we will also have our rectangle, square and round bowl cement (hypatuffa) troughs.

Don’t forget at Kerns Nursery you will find their great line of quality cedar outdoor furniture that is just right for our mountain environment.  Sturdy, simply designed chairs, benches, rockers, swings, picnic tables etc. will add to your comfort of outdoor living.

Visit our garden shop for all your garden needs, gifts and new line of Kerns Jewelry.

Last updated 13 June, 2009

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