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Our Gift - Home & Garden Shop is open all times the nursery opens.   The shop is part of the main entrance to Kerns Nursery.

We now we carry "Turn-of-the-century" American Lighting from the Mica Lamp Co.  Mica follows the same formula as the original craftsman.  All lamp parts are made of solid copper, assembled with hand driven copper rivets and finished with a rich natural patina.  There is an exciting collection of interior and exterior lamps.  We have a number of samples in the shop, some for sale, and the entire line is available to order here, with delivery in 4-6 weeks.

This an "Elf" lamp, one of many that we can offer you this season @ Kerns Nursery                    

Kerns Nursery is an Authorized Dealer of Mica lamps.  We think they can enhance you home, whether you are interested in interior or exterior lighting.

Mica shade panels are the same natural materials used by the Arts and Crafts master lamp makers. Mineral mica flakes, combined with organic shellac, make each mica shade unique with its variations of mineral deposit patterns and color tones. The famous San Francisco coppersmith Dirk Van Erp, was the first to make these copper lamps in 1910.

Mica Lamps are available only through Authorized Dealers.  Kerns Nursery is a distributor of Mica Lamps and we'd like to show them to you and help you choose the most interesting interior or exterior lights for your house.
  Another "Elf" lamp @ Kerns Nursery, the Storybook line of lights is quite extensive  "Jester" lamp @ Kerns Nursery  Another "Jester" lamp available @ Kerns Nursery  The Mica lamps @ Kerns Nursery include a lot of sconces, this a "Magic Tree" sconce

An "Elf" chandelier now @ Kerns Nursery
"Elf" chandelier

A "Jester" chandelier now @ Kerns Nursery
"Jester" chandelier

New line of unique Kerns Jewelry

Now you can order and buy Mica Lamps at Kerns Nursery

Our other shop, the Floral Shop sells ... Country Bouquets - Gift & Holiday Plants

Welcome to Kerns Nursery online         ...       We hope to see you in Jewett this 2009 season      ...    We hope to see you in Jewett this 2009 season        ...       We hope to see you in Jewett during our 2009 season

Visit our garden shop for all your garden needs, gifts and new line of Kerns Jewelry.

Last updated 13 June, 2009

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Last updated 13 June, 2009