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New @ Kerns:   Floral Shop

We have opened a new “floral Shop” at the nursery.  We will offer for sale fresh floral bouquets every weekend from May through Labor Day.  We will chose different seasonal flowers and arrange flowers in bouquet sleeves so they will be available for direct sale to dress your home, business or give as a gift.   Gift & Holiday Plants

Welcome to Kerns Nursery online         ...       We hope to see you in Jewett this 2009 season      ...    We hope to see you in Jewett this 2009 season        ...       We hope to see you in Jewett during our 2009 season

Example of a 2003 Kerns birthday dinner flower arrangement

  • We are offering gathered Fresh Flower Bouquets and deluxe bouquets (not illustrated).

  • In addition we sell some of the new quality silk flowers in our wildflower collection.  From our top of the line floral choices we will have arrangements for sale or you may choose florals to make lovely, long lasting arrangements at home.

  • Keep in mind that we also have a fresh floral service at the nursery.  We do quality fresh flower arrangements for special occasions – weddings or other parties.  NOW we will also do single floral arrangements for weekend pickup at the nursery (deliveries will involve an additional fee) by order only.  Orders must be placed at least 2 days before pick up.  NOTE: Due to time restraints we will not do any formal floral arranging March through Mid June.

Example of Kerns Nursery special events floral arrangements


  • GIFT & HOLIDAY PLANTS:  For Easter, Mother’s Day, Celebratory Gifts and gifts that convey sincere thoughts – availability varies.
    • With notice we will now make fresh floral arrangements
    • Mixed planted flower baskets and pots. 
    • Our special “Rock Garden Plant” Basket
    • Planted Rock Garden Troughs
    • Seasonal Tool & Plant kits or Baskets – may contain some blooming specialty annuals, great garden scissors, our unbeatable gloves, trowels, seeds, gardeners soap, sunscreen, &/or hand lotion, pruners, etc. The choice is up to you or let us make a gift basket up for  you.  Suggested beginning price $50.
    • Herb Basket or strawberry Jar
    • 6 Perennial starter Plant Collection
    • Fresh Flower Bouquets
    • Specialty Floral Plants: i.e. primroses, cyclamen, topiaries, jasmine, runaculus, gerber Daisies, ferns, oxalis, begonias, bulbs and more
    • ORCHIDS!  Now we are selling premium orchid plants for special gifts!!!
    • Holiday arrangements & Poinsettias
    • Please see our Wedding page for further information.  We can help make a Catskill Mountaintop wedding into a dream event.  See some examples.
  • OUR Gift - Home Decorating - Garden Shop is also open all times the nursery is open.  Here we offer a wide variety of gifts. 

... another sample of Kerns special event flower arragements ... we offer a wide variety
Kerns nursery will work with you to implement your floral design, or we can offer you many ideas and suggestions for a perfect event.
Our floral arrangements are available after mid-June.

Please make a bookmark so that you can visit us again soon and review our nursery and products and services online. Better still, please make plans to visit us this year, to see our gardens, attend one of our many special events, and see what has, over many years,  made Kerns the best nursery on the Catskills mountaintop. 

Last updated 13 June, 2009

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