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Kerns - Special Occasions

At Kerns Nursery, we are happy to work with you for making your special occasions and events a success.  These include weddings, parties, anniversaries, office meetings and conferences.  We can supply all the floral arrangements you need.

Welcome to Kerns Nursery online         ...       We hope to see you in Jewett this 2010 season      ...    We hope to see you in Jewett this 2010 season        ...       We hope to see you in Jewett during our 20109 season

Floral Shop ... offers fresh floral bouquets every weekend from May through Labor Day.  We will chose different seasonal flowers and arrange flowers in bouquet sleeves so they will be available for direct sale to dress your home, business or give as a gift. 
Country Bouquets - Floral Shop.htm - Gift & Holiday Plants

Kerns nursery will work with you to implement your floral design,
or we can offer you many ideas and suggestions for a perfect event.
Our floral arrangements are available after mid June.

Please make a bookmark so that you can visit us again soon and review our nursery and products and services online. Better still, please make plans to visit us this year, to see our gardens, attend one of our many special events, and see what has, over many years,  made Kerns the best nursery on the Catskills mountaintop. 

Last updated 11 January, 2010

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