Kerns - Perennials list 2009 ... Plants "E - L"  Click here for perennials, names starting with ...  A-D   ...  M-Z   These are large files and may take a moment or two to download.  

We have 539 this season! .. Perennials are the main feature of the nursery. We specialize in Rock garden plants and offer many choices from which to make a selection for your project. 

For many plants, this year's list includes information about plant height, preference for sun or shade, color and individual comments by Pat Kerns.  

ECHINACEA Giant Ruby            
ECHINACEA Sundown-Evan Saul            
ECHINACEA purpurea Big Sky Harvest Moon            
ECHINACEA purpurea Coconut Lime            
ECHINACEA purpurea Magnus 2-3' sun rose/pink (Purple Cone Flower) late summer similar to species, but has non-drooping rays on flowers
ECHINACEA purpurea Pink Double Delight            
ECHINACEA purpurea White Swan 2-3' sun white (Cone Flower) late summer Echinacea is such a great plant why not white too!
ECHINOPS Blue Glow            
ERINUS Alpinus            
ERISIMUM Dubium            
ERYNGIUM Blue Glitter            
EUPHORBIA Efanthia            
EUPHORBIA polychroma            
EUPHORBIA dulchis Chameleon 18-24" sun chartreuse (Spurge) spring a foliage standout this one is used more for foliage than the flower
F. ATHYRIUM X Ghost 24" part-shade silvery accent . . a X between lady fern & Japanese Painted - stronger growing - slivery accent
F. ATHYRIUM X Lady in Red 30" part shade burgundy
. . vibrant burgundy colors run throughout the stipe - exciting new fern!!! Very strong grower.
F. DRYOPTERIS Crispa Cristata            
F. DRYOPTERIS parsley            
F. ADIANTUM Five-finger maidenhair            
F. ATHRIUM Filix-femina lady 24-30" part-shade fine lacy fronds (Lady Fern) . prefers moist shade - easy to cultivate
F. ATHRIUM filix-femina Frizelliaea Tatting 12-18" part -shade distinctive (Tatting Fern) . frilly fern with fronds that resemble necklaces. Different!
F. ATHRIUM niponicum Metallicum            
F. ATHYRIUM x Branford Beauty 12-24" part-shade red stalks w/grey flecked leaves (lady & Japanese fern X0 . vigorous grower becoming 2' tall by 2' wide
F. Dennstaedtia p. Hay
15" or more sun-lt. shade green (hay scented fern) . nice fluffy woodland type fern great for naturalizing
F. MATTEUCCIA Struthiopteris 3-5' part-shade vase shaped (Ostrich Fern) . magnificent showy fern
F. OSMUNDA Regalis 24-60" sun-pt. shade . (Royal Fern . slow spreading - wet soil full sun to part shade - unusual foliage
F. POLYSTICHUM Acrosticoides 1-3' sun-shade evergreen (Christmas Fern) . Bob's favorite! Try under birch trees! will take sun if adequate moisture
FILIPENDULA rubra Elegans 4' sun-pt shade palest pink (meadowsweet) June-July stems with feathery plumes over lacy foliage
FILIPENDULA rubra Venusta 4-5' sun-part deep pink (Meadowsweet) early Aug. very showy feathery pink plumes - classic accent plant!
G: Carex morrowii Ice Dance 12" sun-part variegated (var. sedge) summer grass-like tufts have slender green leaves with white edges
G: FESTUCA Boulder Blue/Elija Blue 8" sun blue foliage Blue Fescue . nice neat grass of moderate height - good stand.
G: HELICTOTRICHON Sempervirens Saphire 18-24" sun blue fol. (Blue Oat Grass) Aug. the best mid size grass for our environment - great silvery blue foliage
G: MISCANTHUS oli. Purpurascens 4-5' -6'plume sun turns maroon (Fl ame Grass) fall lovely distinctive foliage in Fall - more upright - late emergence
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Purpurascens  Autumn Red            
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Autumn
5-6' sun . (maiden grass) . richly colored plumes in Sept. - Oct.
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Dixieland            
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Gracilimus            
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Morning Light 4' sun variegated (maiden grass) fall fine blades with distinctive variegation of vertical green and white stripes
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Strictus 6' (9') sun variegated (Porcupine Grass) fall horizontal bars of gold variegation - 9' plumes in Fall - late emergence
G: MISCANTHUS sin. Varigatus 4-6' sun variegated (Striped Eulalia Grass) early fall wider beds of showy vertical stripes - good drainage - protection required
G: PANICUM Heavy Metal            
G: PANICUM Prairie Fire            
GAILLARDIA Fanfare            
GALLIUM Odoratum 6" part-shade tiny white (Sweet Woodruff) May a great shade ground cover under trees
GERANIUM Johnson's Blue 18" sun-part blue (hardy Geranium) June clear blue flowers with pretty foliage
GERANIUM Jolly Bee            
GERANIUM Orkney Cherry            
GERANIUM Patricia 2' sun-part pink-magenta (hardy Geranium0 Summer darker centers on flowers are star shaped - long blooming
GERANIUM Phillip Vapelle            
GERANIUM Sweet Heidy            
GERANIUM Rozanne 18-20" sun-part violet-blue Cranes bill all summer NEW!!! the most garden worthy of all geraniums - long bloom - variegated foliage
GERANIUM cin. Spendens 4" sun-part magenta (cranesbill) summer short and compact with stunning flowers of magenta w/ black eye. rock garden
GERANIUM macror. Album 2' sun-part white (cranesbill) summer white flowers on slender stems over medium green leaves
GERANIUM macula. Expresso 12" partial shade pale pink (hardy geranium) late spring NEW form of our hardy, native geranium with dark chocolate-color leaves
GERANIUM sanguine. New Hampshire Purple 18" sun-part purple (Bloody Cranesbill) June/July one of the more rewarding garden plants - spreading Rock Garden or Border
GERANIUM sanguine. var.
8-10" sun-part pink (Bloody Cranesbill) June/July one of the more rewarding garden plants - spreading Rock Garden or Border
GEUM montanum            
GEUM trifolium            
GYPSOPHILA Compacta plena 18" sun white (Babys Breath) June-July likes well drained sandy soil. will rebloom if cut back - nice sprays of tiny white flowers
flat mats sun white (dwarf Baby's Breath) late spring this is a great cascading plant that works well in ROCK GARDEN over rocks
GYPSOPHILA Pink Fairy 24" sun pink (Baby's Breath) summer mounds of double pink tiny flowers - great for drying -needs sand for drainage
HEATHER & HEATHS Various 6-18" sun white-rose (Baby's Breath) Summer these hardiest of the heayjers/heaths need sand added to the soil and winter protection may be helpful.
HEDERA Helix baltica 6" sun-part green shiny leaves Baltic Ivy . a hardy ivy ground cover - works well on rock walls
HELENIUM Canary            
HELENIUM Copella 40" sun coppery
(Helen's Flower) late summer autumn blooming perennial. The color fits the season. Great cut flower!
HELENIUM Helena Gold            
HELENIUM Rubinzerg            
HELLEBORUS orientalis 15" sun-shade white/purple (Lenten Rose) early spring great very early blooming plant - hardy - flowers various colors from white-plum
HELLEBORUS x hyb. Royal Heritage Strain 18-24 sun-shade slate -smokey purple (Lenten Rose) early spring sturdy long-lived clumps bloom from winter thru spring -exceptional NEW plant.
HEMEROCALIS   Apricot Sparkles            
HEMEROCALIS   Barbara Mitchell            
HEMEROCALIS Bela Lugosi            
HEMEROCALIS Bright Sunset            
HEMEROCALIS Carlotta            
HEMEROCALIS Carolyn Criswell            
HEMEROCALIS Chicago Apache            
10" sun-shade . (DAYLILY) early-mid Light yellow - petals lightly rippled . Fantastic short ground cover extended bloom
HEMEROCALIS Happy Returns            
HEMEROCALIS Hyperion            
HEMEROCALIS James Marsh            
HEMEROCALIS Jedi Free Sprit 25" sun-shade . (DAYLILY) . vigorous grower, trouble free plant -pink bi-tone w/rose veining, yellow watermk, green throat
HEMEROCALIS Joan Senior            
HEMEROCALIS Lavender Stardust            
HEMEROCALIS Lime Frost            
HEMEROCALIS Little Grappette            
HEMEROCALIS Siloam Amazing Grace 24" sun-shade . (DAYLILY) mid ruffled yellow self w/ green throat- orange anthers. extended bloom - fragrant
HEMEROCALIS South Seas            
HEMEROCALIS Spiritual Corridor            
HEMEROCALIS Woodside Ruby            
HEUCHERA Mocha Mint            
HEUCHERA x hyb. Dolce Creme Brulee            
HEUCHERA x hyb. Dolce Key Lime Pie            
HEUCHERA x hyb. Mystic Angel            
HEUCHERA x hyb. Petite Pearl Fairy            
HEUCHERA x hyb. Petite Ruby Frills 12" sun-shade cream/rose (Coral Bells) May-July neat & compact ruby/bronze foliage with beautiful flowers
HEUCHERA x hyb. Plum Pudding            
HEUCHERA x hyb. Purple Peticoats 18" sun-shade cream (Coral Bells) early summer ruffled deep purple leaves with creamy flowers
HEUCHERA x hyb. Silver
24" sun-shade white (Coral Bells) July-autumn silver overlay on darkest bronze veining w/ sprays of white bells on 24" stems
HEUCHERA x hyb. Velvet Night            
HOSTA Blue Angel            
HOSTA Blue Mouse Ears            
HOSTA Dancing in the Rain            
HOSTA Eskimo Pie            
HOSTA Fair Maiden med pt sun-shade . (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) . very wide & irregular cream edge - margin in spring is more yellow
HOSTA Fireworks            
HOSTA Lakeside Coal Miner            
HOSTA Fortunei Auero Marginata            
HOSTA Golden tiara 15" pt sun-shade deep lavender (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) summer heart shaped green leaves with a wide golden margin - clump forming
HOSTA Grand Tiara            
HOSTA Great Expectations large pt sun-shade white (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) . irregular blue green margins and light creamy yellow centers - round puckered leaves
HOSTA Guacamole X-large pt sun-shade fragrant white (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) late large heavy substance rich green leaves w/ chartreuse centers -GORGEOUS!
HOSTA Krossa Regal very large pt sun-shade lavender (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) July-autumn blue/green vase-shaped clump - a great classic hosta!
HOSTA Lakeside Coal Miner            
HOSTA Lakeside Elfin Fire            
HOSTA Lemon Lime small pt sun-shade lavender (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) . wavy, lemon lime leaves
HOSTA Morning Light            
HOSTA Olive Branch            
HOSTA Revolution            
HOSTA Strip Tease small pt.sun-shade . (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) . very unusual wavy, irregular, thin white center lines on wavy green leaves
HOSTA Sum and Substance            
HOSTA Touch of Class            
HOSTA Twilight            
HOSTA Univittata            
HOSTA Various by label . pt.sun-shade . (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) summer mostly premium varieties by label
HOSTA Whirlwind large pt.sun-shade lavender (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) mid-season dark green streaked margins with centers that change from white to dark green -wavy
HOSTA Wide Brim            
HOSTA Wolverine 15-18" pt.sun-shade pale lav. (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) late summer shiny, wavy, tapering leaves ca measure 10"ong - blue-green w wide gold margins
HOSTA 38504 15-20" pt.sun-shade pale lav (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) summer pointed leaves have streaked blue-green margins with chartreuse centers
HOSTA Blue Umbrellas            
HOSTA opipara Bill Brinka            
HOSTA sieboldiana Elegans very large pt.sun-shade white (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) July-autumn very large blue - cupped and quilted round leaves -great hosta!
HOSTA sieboldiana Frances Williams 32" X-large pt.sun-shade white (Funkia - Plaintain Lily) early blue/green lg. puckered leaves w/gold border -A great hosta!
SHR.HYDRANGEA Annabelle 5-6' sun-part creamy white . summer long blooming for up to two months - hardy enough for our environment
IBERIS saxatilis            
IBERIS Snowflake            
IRIS Geisha Girl            
IRIS Mt.Fuji            
IRIS dwarfs VARIOUS 6-8" sun-part blue/wine/
((dwarf Bearded Iris) spring ROCK GARDEN - neat dwarf iris.
IRIS germanica White Swirl            
IRIS siberica Butter & Sugar 28" sun yellow & cream (Siberian Iris) spring Great plant!! Such a fresh and clean color. Makes excellent cut flower
IRIS siberica Cesear's Brother 36" sun blue (Siberian Iris) spring Good standard strong blue iris. Can take dry-wet conditions
IRIS siberica Silver Edge            
J ... no "J" perennials in 2008  
KNAUTIA Macedonica 12-15" sun maroon-magenta (Hedgerow Meadow plant) summer great plant w/ very many unusual ruby pincushion flowers -long blooming -seeds
LAMIUM Anne Greenaway            
LAMIUM mac. Pink Chablis            
LAMIUM mac. White Nancy 6-8" pt shd-shade white fl -w/var. fol. (Dead Nettles) June a prolific ground cover w/ white flowers in spring - fresh variegated foliage
LAVENDULA august. Munstead 12-15" sun deep violet (Lavender) summer requires a very sandy soil - a great ground cover and takes drought & full sun
LEONTOPODIUM alpinum            
LEUCANTHEMUM Alaska 24-30" sun white (SHASTA DAISY) June/July a great long blooming plant - Outstanding! Not to be confused with field daisies
LEUCANTHEMUM Becky            
LEUCANTHEMUM Broadway Lights            
LEUCANTHEMUM Gold Rush            
LEUCANTHEMUM Snow Cap            
LEUCANTHEMUM Snow Lady 8-10" sun white (dwarf shasta daisy) summer very long blooming - neat garden edger.
LEWESIA Little Plum 6" sun rosey purple w/orange . June July strong rosettes, lanceolate leaves w/ short upright stems bearing large flowers
LIATRIS spicata Floristan Violet 3' sun-part rosey purple (Gayfeather) Aug. an easy heat tolerant late blooming plant. Flowers are great for cutting
LIATRIS spicata Kobald 12-15" sun-part bright lavender (Gayfeather) Aug. a great hardy, easy to grow plant - lots of late purple spires - great cut flower!
LIGULARIA Britt-Maris Crawford 3-4' part shade golden orange (Big Leaf Senico) late summer broad, glossy dark chocolate leaves with dark purple under sides - BOLD statement!
LIGULARIA Othello            
LIGULARIA steno. The Rocket 3-4' sun-part yellow (Senecio) July doesn't tolerate being too dry in full sun so try part shade - spiky flowers
LILIUM Pumilum            
LILIUM asiatic Blackbird 16" sun-part dark red . summer a showy garden addition - very hardy - great cut flower!
LILIUM asiatic Cote D'Ajure            
LILIUM asiatic LA Dani Arafin            
LILIUM asiatic LA hyb. "Mystery Queen"            
LILIUM asiatic LA hyb. Royal Present            
LILIUM asiatic Navona            
LILIUM asiatic Pink Pixie 24" sun-part pink w/lt. yellow spotted center . summer a showy garden addition - very hardy - great cut flower!
LILIUM asiatic Reinesse            
LILIUM asiatic Snow Crystal            
LILIUM oriental Acapulco 30" sun-part pink . summer lovely large fragrant flowers are great garden additions - amazing cut flowers - hardy!
LILIUM oriental After Eight            
LILIUM oriental Angelique            
LILIUM oriental Garden Party            
LILIUM oriental Little John            
LILIUM oriental Mona Lisa 20" sun-part pink wht. edge speckled . summer lovely large fragrant flowers are great garden additions - amazing cut flowers - hardy!
LILIUM oriental Muscadet 30" sun-part wht. w/pink blush speckled . summer lovely large fragrant flowers are great garden additions - amazing cut flowers - hardy!
LILIUM oriental Rodolfa 24" sun-part white . summer lovely large fragrant flowers are great garden additions - amazing cut flowers - hardy!
LILLIUM asiatic Tom Punce 24" sun-part salmon-peach . summer .
LILIUM oriental Urandi            
LILIUM oriental White Stargazer            
LILIUM novelty Bright Star            
LIMONIUM latifolia 20-22" sun lavender (statice) summer dainty lavender flowers -great for bouquets!! good drainage-full sun.
LOBELIA cardinalls 3-4' sun-part bright true red (Cardinal Flower) Aug-Sept stalks bear red flower spikes in late summer - keep moist if possible
LONICERA Dropmore Scarlet 20' vine sun scarlet honeysuckle . olific grower
LONICERA japonica Purpurea vine-10' sun-part white & purple (Honeysuckle) summer dark green leaves have purple undersides - blooms are fragrant
LUPINUS Gallery Blue 3-4' sun as marked (Lupine) June  
LUPINUS Popsicle 3-4' sun as marked (Lupine) June  
LUPINUS Russel Hybrids 3-4' sun as marked (Lupine) June spires of sweet pea like flowers
LYCHNIS flos-cuccli Jenny 18" sun lavender-pink (ragged robin) all spring! extravagant masses of soft lavender-pink blooms for 6 weeks - reblooms if cut back
LYSIMACHIA Goldilocks            
LYSIMACHIA nummularia Aurea flat shade lime green (Moneywort) foliage great bright ground cover -protected area
LYSIMACHIA punctata Alexander 15" sun-part yellow (Circle Flower) June/July cream edged variegated foliage. Very outstanding!
LYSIMACHIA punctata Golden Alexander 15" sun-part yellow (Circle Flower) June/July NEW! gold edged variegated foliage. Very outstanding!


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