Kerns - Perennials list 2009 ... Plants "A ... D"  Click here for perennials, names starting with ...  E-L   ...  M-Z   These are large files and may take a moment or two to download.

We have 539 this season!  Perennials are the main feature of the nursery. We specialize in Rock garden plants and offer many choices from which to make a selection for your project. 

For many plants, this year's list includes information about plant height, preference for sun or shade, color and individual comments by Pat Kerns.  

ACHILLEA mill. Apricot Delight            
ACHILLEA mill. Moonshine 18" sun lt. yellow (Yarrow) Summer sturdy clumps of silver foliage - good for drying
ACHILLEA mill. Pink Grapefruit            
ACHILLEA mill. Royal Tapestry 24" sun violet (Yarrow) Summer .
ACHILLEA mill. Summerwine 2' sun fading burgundy (Yarrow) Summer rich burgundy color ages to blush Zinfandel
ACHILLEA mill. Terra Cotta 28"-36" sun dark pink (Yarrow) Summer dark pink turns russet. Great color - dries well
ACONITUM Arendsii            
ACONITUM Bicolor            
ACONITUM Blue Lagoon            
ACONITUM henryi Spark 4' sun-pt shade dark violet (monkshood) late summer poisonous-deer won't eat - avoid moving in garden if possible
ACONITUM nepellus 4-5' sun-pt shade dark violet (monkshood) late summer poisonous-deer won't eat - avoid moving in garden if possible
AJUGA Black Scallop            
AJUGA Chocolate Chip 3" sun-shade violet blue (Bugleweed) May/June miniature chocolate colored foliage with intense foliage - great for edging
AJUGA Catlins Giant 10" sun-shade blue (Bugleweed) May/June large leafed ajuga with bronze foliage
ALCEA Cream de cassis 4-6' sun white w/ raspberry (Hollyhock) summer 3-4" wide flowers with raspberry center - single-semi double flowers
ALCEA Ficifolia            
ALCEA The Watchman            
ALCEA (HOLLYHOCK) (various) 5-6' sun see pot label . summer .
ALCHEMILLA Alpina 6" sun-partial chartreuse (Mountain
Lady's Mantle)
June Neat and compact with lovely spays of chartreuse flowers
ALCHEMILLA Erythropoda            
ALCHEMILLA mollis Thriller 18" sun-partial chartreuse (Lady's Mantle) June grey green foliage with large pleated leaves - nice cut flower -
ALLIUM Cernum 12" sun pink (nodding chives) summer clump forming flowering onion producing many flowers
ALLIUM Cyaneum 6" sun cobalt blue (chives) summer neat tufts of grass fine leaves with clusters of blue flowers on 6" stems
ALLIUM tuberosum 6" sun white garlic chives Aug. neat plant with nice white flowers in late summer - culinary use
ALLIUM senescens Glaucum 6" sun lav/pink (Corkscrew chives) Aug. great swirling foliage accent in groups - a favorite in late summer
ALYSSUM montanum Golden Flouris 4" sun yellow (basket of Gold) May/June small oval leaves on wiry prostrate stems - abundant with flowers
AMSONIA tabernae
3-4' sun- part pale blue (blue milkweed) June-July willow like leaves with pale blue star flowers - lovely fall foliage
ANEMONE Sylvestris 18" sun-part white (Snowdrop Anemone) Spring prefers woodland soil-add humus- great spring flowers in masses!
ANEMONE multifida Annabella Deep Rose            
ANEMONE tomentosa Robustissima 2-3' sun-part pink (Windflower) late Aug great way to end the growing season a must for perennial lovers!
ANEMONE x hybida Honorine
3' part shade white (Japanese Anemone) Fall 2-3" flowers in abundance in Sept. - well drained soil-excellent plant!
ANTENNARIA Parvifolia            
ANTHEMIS Susanna Mitchell 20-24" sun white/yellow (Marguerite) all summer Creamy white 1 1/2" daisies w/lt. yellow centers - blooms profusely all summer
ANTHEMIS tincotoria Sauce Hollandaise 24" sun creamy white. to yellow (Marguerite) June July erect well-behaved clumps of dark green foliage with myriad of daisy flowers
AQUILEGIA Clementine Blue            
AQUILEGIA Clementine Dark Purple            
AQUILEGIA Origami Yellow            
AQUILEGIA canaden. Little Lanterns 18" partial shade red/yellow (native colombine) spring tons of brilliant red flowers w/ yellow corolla - more compact than species
AQUILEGIA flabellata var. Selection            
AQUILEGIA hyb. Dove 24-28" sun-part white (columbine) late sp-early sum 3" wide long-spurred pure white blossoms - compact habit.
AQUILEGIA vulgaris Black Barlow            
AQUILEGIA vulgaris Dorothy Rose            
AQUILEGIA vulgaris Grandmother's Garden            
ARABIS blepharophylla Red
6-8" sun magenta (Fringed Rock Cress) Early spring a great plant for the ROCK GARDEN. flowers are slightly fragrant
ARABIS caucasia Little Treasure Deep Rose            
ARABIS caucasia Pink Sequins            
ARABIS caucasia Snowfix            
ARABIS caucasia variegata 6" sun pink (variegated Rock cress) spring green and white tight variegated foliage. Rock garden plant
Point Reyes
4" sun-part red berries (Bearberry) Fall dark stiff green leaves - white flowers followed by red berries - good drainage
ARENARIA Montana 4" sun-part white (Sandwort) June Great ROCK GARDEN plant that spreads nicely and has abundant flowers
ARMERIA Bloodstone 8-10" sun rose (Thrift or Sea pinks) June-reblm a great plant w/ abundant flowers - reblooms -must have sandy soil
ARMERIA Cotton Tail            
ARMERIA Victor Reiter 2" sun pink (Alpine Thrift) spring dwarf clump-forming plant with grass like foliage and tiny pink flowers.
ARMERIA maritima Rubrifolia 8" sun rose-pink (Thrift) spring rich purplish red grassy foliage with large rose-pink globes over dense clumps
ARMERIA pseudar. Joystick Red            
ARTEMESIA schmidt. Silver Mound 8-10" sun silver foliage (Wormwood) shrub like best silver accent plant- fairly deer proof - A GREAT PLANT w/ many uses
ARUNCUS Aethusifolius 10-12" sun-part creamy spikes (Dwarf Goatsbeard) June fern like foliage- NICE PLANT that's neat and attractive - a favorite!
ARUNCUS Diocus 4-5' sun-part creamy white (Goatsbeard) July-Aug. a very large outstanding plant - in rich soil it will require space but it is worth it!
ASARUM Europeum 4" shade foliage plant (Ginger) foliage acnt shinny round leaves grown in compact clumps - a wonderful shade plant.
ASCLEPIAS tuberosa Hello Yellow            
ASTER alpinus mix            
ASTER laevis Bluebird 4" sun violet-blue (Smooth Aster) late sum 1" wide flowers on arching stems - nice green foliage - many flowers
ASTER nova-anglais Purple Dome 18" sun purple (New England Aster) Sept. w/ Alma potschke or Sedum Autumn Joy one of the best asters for the area.
ASTER nova-anglais Alma Potschke 40" sun deep rose (New England Aster) Aug-Sept the best aster for the Mountain top - very showy & bright -end the season with color!
ASTILBE August Light 28" sun-PART red (Plume Flower LATE long scarlet plumes - one of the latest reds to bloom - new foliage is tinted red - than turns green
ASTILBE Cattleya 40" sun-part salmon pink (plume flower) mid summer tall elegant plumes - one of the largest astilbes - great with hostas
ASTILBE County and Western 15-18" sun-part pink (plume flower) mid summer full soft pink plumes produced prolifically over large shinny dk. green leaves
ASTILBE Deutschland 24-30" sun-part white (plume flower) early summer open lacy panicles, over deep green foliage
ASTILBE Fanal 20" sun-part bright red (plume flower) early summer foliage is mahogany red in spring turns green by mid summer - vigorous
ASTILBE Flamingo 2o" sun-part flamingo pink (plume flower) late summer wide airy plumes on upright stems - slightly fragrant
ASTILBE Granat 30" sun-part Carmine red (Plume Flower) June/July plant groups of various astilbes for continuous bloom in a shady area
ASTILBE Milk and Honey            
ASTILBE Pink Lightning            
ASTILBE Snowdrift 26" sun-part white (plume flower) early summer clean white flowers on feathery plumes - bright green foliage
ASTILBE japonica Red Sentinal 24" sun-part scarlet-red (Plume Flower) mid deep green leaves with red stems with open lacy looking panicles
ASTILBE s. White Wings 12" sun-part white (Plume Flower) late green foliage with well branched white - slight fragrance and compact shape
ASTILBE chinensis Pumilla 10" sun-part lav/pink (Plume Flower) late a great Ground Cover -spreads in shade and is a great late bloomer
ASTILBE chinensis Purpurkerze (Purple Candles) 3' sun-part purple-rose (Plume Flower) late very late blooming tolerates boggy area - very striking in masses
ASTILBE chinensis Veronica Klose 16" sun-part rose-purple (Plume Flower) mid late July - good strong color planted with hosta
ASTILBE chinensis Vision 3-4' sun-part raspberry red (Plume Flower) late very late blooming addition-excellent! larger flowers than pumilla
ASTILBE chinensis Vision in pink 18" sun-part pink (plume flower) mid summer dense plumes with an up-right form - robust grower.
ASTILBE crispa Perkeo 10" sun-part rose (Plume Flower) mid season dwarf w/ crinkly dense foliage in dark green - very different astilbe
ASTILBE simplicifol. Sprite 8-12" sun-part lt pink (plume flower) mid-late sum flowers in drooping panicles on wiry stems - glossy dark and dense foliage
ASTILBE x arendsi Bridal Veil 18" sun-part white (Plume Flower) July-Aug. thick white plumes in summer
ASTILBE x arendsii Glow (Glut) 18" sun-part red (Plume Flower) early-mid plant groups of various astilbes for continuous bloom in a shady area
ASTILBE x arendsii Spinnell 30-36" sun-part salmon red (Plume Flower) mid nice red foliage is a standout - long slender plumes
ASTILBE x arendsii White Gloria 24" sun-part white (Plume Flowers) mid-late very distinctive flower shape with blocky full white plumes
ASTILBE xarendsii Catherine Deneuve 2' sun-part soft pink (Plume Flower) mid compact mounds with deep green foliage - nice feathery plumes.
ASTRANTIA major 2' PART SHADE greenish-white (masterwork) (No Suggestions) unusual flower - good for cutting and drying
ASTRANTIA Tickled Pink            
AUBRIETTA Whitewell Gem prostrate sun-part rose ( Rock Cress) May lime green foliage- carpets of color in spring
AURINIA compacta            
BAPTISA Starlight Prairie Blues            
BAPTISIA X Purple Smoke 4' sun smokey violet w/dark eye (False Indigo) spring Charcoal stems w/ grey-green foliage. In time will become very floriferous
BERGENIA c. Winter Glow 12-15" sun-shade crimson-red (saxifrage - pigsqueak) spring good reblooming qualities and excellent dark red winter foliage
BRUNNERA macroph. Hadspun
12" sun-shade sky blue (Siberian Bugloss) early spring green and creamy yellow variegated leaves add interest to this plant all summer
BUDDLEA Black Knight 6' sun purple (Butterfly bush) Aug-Sept Protect in winter in our area and cut back in Early spring. beautiful flower spikes
BUDDLEA Nanho Blue            
BUDDLEA Royal Red 6' sun ruby red (Butterfly bush) Aug-Sept Protect in winter in our area and cut back in Early spring. beautiful flower spikes
CAMPANULA Garganica 4" sun-partial lavender-blue (bellflower) summer neat, long blooming, compact campanula - great rock garden addition!
CAMPANULA New Hybrid            
CAMPANULA Pearl Blue Deep            
CAMPANULA Starina Bedding bell            
CAMPANULA carpatica White Clips 6-8" sun-part white (Carpathian Harebell summer ROCK GARDEN or border plant with many pure white open bells
CAMPANULA cochlear Birch Hybrid            
CAMPANULA garganica Dicken's Gold 3" sun-part blue (Gargano Bell Flower) summer one of my favorite compact ROCK GARDEN plants now with golden foliage.
CAMPANULA glomerata Kent Bell 18" sun-part purple (clustered Bellflower) summer glossy purple bell flowers nod on stiff stems - great new plant
CAMPANULA persicifol. Chettle Charm 3' sun White with violet edge (Peach Bell Flower) summer a marvelous plant with creamy white flowers with lavender edges-different!
Campanula porten. Labelle            
CAMPANULA porten. Lieselotte 6" sun-part dark blue (Dalmation Bell Flower) summer long flowered spreading plant w/ deep blue flowers - great rock garden choice
CAMPANULA porten. Royal Wave            
CAMPANULA poshar. Blue Waterfall 4-6" sun-part blue (bell flowers) summer vigorous low-growing, spreader smothered in deep blue bells w/white centers
CAMPANULA poshar. Sarastro            
CAMPANULA punctata Cherry Bells 24-30" sun-part cherry-red (bell flower) summer fat, pendulous, tubular flowers edged in white dangle along the stem.
CAMPANULA rotundifoli Thumbell Blue            
CAMPANULA trach. Bernice 22" sun-partial deep blue (bell flower) summer a strong vigorous grower with myriads of double flowers - upright and spreading
CAMPSIS x taglia Madam Galen vine sun-partial salmon-red (Trumpet Vine) summer .
CENTAUREA Gold Bullion 12-15" sun-partial bright blue Bachelor button May-June same as the silvery-blue leaved version, but this recent introduction has chartreuse foliage
CENTAUREA Montana 2' sun bright blue (Cornflower-Mt. Bluet) May/June a reliable plant that readily seeds itself - bright blue flowers - long blooming
CENTRANTHUS ruber Coccineus 18-24" sun-partial carmine (Red Valerian) June-July Fragrant carmine-rose flowers - long blooming plant.
CERASTIUM Tomentosum yoyo 4" sun white (Snow-in-Summer) June/July A ROCK GARDEN treasure with its prostrate silvery foliage & star white flowers
CERASTOSTIGMA Plumbaginoides 8' sun-shade bright blue (leadwort) late summer needs excellent drainage and some protection. Foliage turns red in fall.
CHIASTOPHYLUM Cotyledon            
CIMICIFUGA ramosa Brunette            
CIMICIFUGA ramosa Hillside Black Beauty 4-7' part shade white blush pink (Snakeroot
-Fairy Candles)
fall extremely dark purple foliage with white bottle-brush flowers -striking!
CIMICIFUGA ramosa White Pearl            
CLEMATIS Bees Jubilee            
CLEMATIS Ernest Markham            
CLEMATIS Guernsey Cream            
CLEMATIS Hagley Hybrid            
CLEMATIS Henryi            
CLEMATIS Intergrifolia            
CLEMATIS Jackmani vine sun-partial purple . summer The most popular clematis especially on the Mountain top.
CLEMATIS Niobe            
CLEMATIS Paniculata prolific vine sun-part white (Sweet Autumn Clematis) Fall Very strong growing vine with tremendous amount of fragrant white flowers!
CLEMATIS Pink Fantasy            
CLEMATIS Pink Flamingo            
CLEMATIS Raguchi            
CLEMATIS Ramona            
CLEMATIS Rhapsody            
CLEMATIS various
by label
vining sun-part color by label vining perennial summer-fall shade lower part of vine - ask for planting and care information.
CLEMATIS Will Goodman            
CLEMATIS texensis Duchess of Albany            
CLEMATIS texensis Etoile Rose            
CLEMATIS viticella Abundance            
CLEMATIS viticella Polish Spirit            
CONVALLARIA Majalis 6" part-shade white (Lily-of-the-Valley) late spring ground cover for shade - fragrant white bells
COREOPSIS Full Moon            
COREOPSIS auriculata Creme Brulee            
COREOPSIS auriculata Nana 7-9" sun yellow (tickseed) June-July golden-yellow blooms over low mats of deep green lobed leaves
COREOPSIS grandiflora Early Sunrise            
COREOPSIS grandiflora Heaven's Gate            
COREOPSIS grandiflora Jethro Tull            
COREOPSIS verticillata Moonbeam 15-18" sun creamy yellow (Threadleaf
mid summer A must in every perennial garden -long blooming soft yellow flowers blend well
COREOPSIS verticillata Zagreb            
DELPHINIUM Astolate 5-6' sun lav-pink (Pacific Hybrids) June/July do not bury crown -stake
DELPHINIUM Black Knight 5-6' sun dark purple (Pacific Hybrids) June/July dark purple with a white eye
DELPHINIUM Blue Bird 5-6' sun bright blue (Pacific Hybrids) June/July clear true blue flowers with white eye
DELPHINIUM Double Innocence            
DELPHINIUM Galahad 5-6' sun white (Pacific Hybrids) June/July magnificent white flowers
DELPHINIUM Guardian Blue Early            
DELPHINIUM Guardian Lavender            
DELPHINIUM Summer Skies 6-8" sun sky blue (Pacific Hybrids) June/July light sky blue with white eye
DELPHINIUM elat. Blue Lace            
DELPHINUIUM elat. Blushing
6' sun pink shades new
New Zealand hyb.
summer excellent flowers on strong stem plants bred to be longer lived & easier to grow
DELPHINUIUM elat. Sunny Skies 6' sun light Blue new
New Zealand hyb.
summer excellent flowers on strong stem plants bred to be longer lived & easier to grow
DELPHINIUM g. Summer Blues            
DELPHINIUM grandif. Blue Mirror            
DIANTHUS Amurensis            
DIANTHUS Desmond            
DIANTHUS Frenyii            
DIANTHUS Zing Rose            
DIANTHUS gratian. Bath Pink 6-8" sun pink ((Maiden Pinks) spring grayish blue tufted foliage produced many soft pink fringed flowers - easy
DIANTHUS gratian. Tiny Rubies 4" sun bright pink (Pinks) May/June a great ROCK GARDEN plant - consistently performs well - double little flowers
DIANTHUS hybrid Raspberry Surprise            
DIANTHUS species Arctic Star            
DIANTHUS X allwoodii Helen 12" sun bright salmon (pinks) spring-sum mini carnation flowers over neat green foliage
DIANTHUS X allwoodii Oakington 6" sun deep rose (pinks) spring-sum mini carnation flowers on low tufted foliage
of Hearts
8" sun-partial rosy-pink (bleeding heart) all summer finely cut grayish-green foliage with bright flowers - long blooming, dwarf, easy to grow.
DICENTRA Spectabilis 30" sun-part rose/white (Bleeding Heart) June traditional plant w heart shaped flowers - shrub-like -dormant after flowering
DICENTRA Spectabilis Alba 30" sun-part white (Bleeding Heart) June traditional plant w heart shaped flowers - shrub-like -dormant after flowering
DIGITALIS Camelot White            
DIGITALIS Mertonensis 2-3' sun-part raspberry (perennial foxglove) summer this variety is a true perennial and deer resistant
DIGITALIS purpurea Foxy 2' sun-part white-rose foxglove summer Biennial -often re-seeds - exceptionally attractive planted in masses
DRABA Siberica 4" sun white . spring mound forming species bears dainty white flowers


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