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Annuals at Kerns IN 2010!

Probably the largest concentration of thought and effort in our plant selection has been keeping up with the ever growing number interesting and beautiful choices of annual and “temporary” perennial plants for seasonal gardens, pots and hanging baskets. 

Welcome to Kerns Nursery online         ...       We hope to see you in Jewett this 2010 season      ...    We hope to see you in Jewett this 2010 season        ...       We hope to see you in Jewett during our 20109 season

Click here to review our list of annuals that you can find @ Kerns Nursery    Click to see the list of all our Annuals @ Kerns Nursery    Click here to review our list of annuals that you can find @ Kerns Nursery

  • At Kerns Nursery, we spend a great amount of time finding the best choices of flowering and foliage plants by keeping up with industry trends.  From our many sources we present to you many of the hot plants offered by the registered names of “Proven Winners”, “Flower Fields” and many other choices for you. 
  • The current gardening tend of using great foliage accent plants for color and texture both in gardens and pots is here to stay.  Sophisticated gardeners are probably concentrating more on this aspect of gardening than any other.
  • We also realize that bedding (our plants offered in flats and cell packs) should be based a bit more on established expectations.  We will continue to offer all the usual bedding plants.  We try to have new and improved varieties, colors and forms as they are developed by the growers in the industry. 

  • By listening to our customers we realize the need for cutting flowers, flowers with the “wild flower” look, flowers that attract humming birds and butterflies.  And of course we can’t help but include some unusual varieties as well.  We hope our new signage will make it easy for you to find choices that fit your gardening needs.  For a small nursery we offer some 504 varieties of annuals & another 46 of herbs

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Last updated 11 January, 2010

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