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Kerns - Plant of the Week 2002

Throughout our season, we offer may special events and invite you to join us.  Pat Kerns also selects a Plant of the Week.
Our home page carries the latest Plant of the Week, with a detailed description.  When you are here, please ask us more about this, and other plants.  Typically, there is a special offer going with the Plant of the Week.
Ajuga Eupatorium Hostas Pulsatilla
Astilbe Ferns Lilies Rudebeckia
Campanula Geranium Monarda Spirea
Delphinium Helenium Phlox Verbascum
Dianthus Heuchera Primula Veronica


Throughout our season, we offer may special events and invite you to join us.  Pat Kerns also selects a Plant of the Week.

The Plant of the Week feature on our website is matched by a display at our Shop and Nursery, and there is usually a discounted sale on the Plant of the Week, selected by Pat Kerns. 


DELPHINIUM "Blue Bird" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it and other delphiniums at Kerns Nursery

Delphinium are probably one of the  most loved summer garden plants with their bold flowers held high above the garden border.  Though they also come in whites, lavenders, purple and pink shades, it is the beautiful blue flowers that are so coveted in the garden.  Not many plants do blue so well.  Delphiniums are quirky plants that are often termed short lived, yet you often hear of some that persist  for longer periods.  We find that good and well drained soil is the best benefit for keeping the crowns form  rotting.   Planting this plant at the right soil level is crucial.  Check your plants in early spring to press heaved plants gently back into the soil for protection.  During the growing season staking is  necessary, especially before windy rain storms and angle prune spent stems.   Why bother?  Well because some things are just worth it.  

ASTILBE “Bressingham Beauty”

Astilbe "Bressingham Beauty" ... and other astilbes ... click for a larger image ... buy them at Kerns Nursery

Astilbes are a choice plant for our mountain top environment.  They are easy to grow, stay neat all summer with their fern-like foliage, and produce lovely, lacey spires of color ranging from white, through every shade of pink, red and purple.  There are many hybrid astilbe varieties with bloom time ranges from Jul - Sep, and their height from a few inches to several ft. tall.  It is rare for a deer to eat astilbe.  They are also adaptable to just about full sun if given adequate water to partial shade.  On new plantings moisture is important, but will become less of a problem once established.

“Bressingham Beauty” is a great choice growing about 32” tall with salmon pink flower spikes.  Prefers moist conditions  Plant in groups with other varieties - companion with hosta or other shade tolerant plants.  

PHLOX subulata
(mountain pinks or ground phlox)

PHLOX subulata "Candy Stripes" ... click for a larger image ... buy them an Kerns Nursery

When phlox subulata blooms I know spring is here.  A common plant that covers the ground in early spring with carpets of color from whites, pinks, rose, burgundy and lavender blue. 

Great for planting on banks, as garden borders or in rock gardens.  Though easy to grow, they tend to thrive and spread quicker in sandy, well drained soil.

This year we offer:

Candy Stripes:  a pink and white bicolor

Emerald Blue,  Red Wing,  and Snowflake


DIANTHUS "Mountain Mist" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it and other varieties of dianthus at Kerns Nursery




Dianthus is one of the best groups of hardy perennials for the rock garden or garden border. 

These two on special this week have silvery blue foliage. 

Mountain mist grows 2-3” in height with 18” stems bearing smoky pink carnations in late spring.  Little Jock forms compact grassy mats with a with charming semi double pink flowers with a red eye in summer.  Little Jock grows about 4-6”.


Primula Japonica ... click to see a larger image.  Buy them at Kerns Nursery !

Primroses are one of the most beautiful additions to the garden welcoming in spring with their neat foliage and showy flowers.  Though most species require a milder, moist climate, there are some that can actually do well in our climate.  I have had luck with most of these varieties, though there are some new cultivars that I have not yet grown here.   Primula japonica may be the least adaptable but I have had some success with that also.  They require relatively moist soil that is well drained (compost, peat and extra sand or scree) so moisture drains away from the roots in winter.  Planting in groups looks best.  For extra precaution you may cover less hardy varieties in winter with evergreen boughs, though snow usually is the best protection.

Primula veris Kathy McSparron ... click to see a larger image ... Buy them at Kerns Nursery

Primula veris Katy McSparron: This is a relatively new cultivar that I absolutely love and is perfectly suited to our environment.  Bright yellow dbl. rose-like flowers in abundance.   A long bloom time too.
Primula denticulata:
drumstick primrose - 8-10” - lilac or white  ball shaped flowers appear when leaves start to emergence.
Primula seiboldii:
rosey lavender - outstanding cultivar
 polyantha Pacific Giants,  japonica,  pubescens Gigantea,  veris Sunset Shades (red, yellow, orange), Julian Kinglough Beauty (florescent pink flowers)  


 EUPATORIUM rugosum "Chocolate" ... click for a larger image ... buy them at Kerns Nursery

Eupatorium is a large genre of plants with over 600 species of which a few are common wild flowers in the eastern U.S.  (Including the ubiquitous Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum)). 

They prefer moist, well drained soils and will thrive in full sun to partial shade.  Also known as White Snakeroot, Eupatorium Chocolate grows from 5-6’  Attractive, shinny, deep purple stems bear unusual chocolate leaves which set off the white flowers that come in the late season.  With its height, beautiful color, and late flowering time, it is  a worthy plant for the back or sides of flower beds.  Cut to ground after flowering for best results. 

GERANIUM  sanguineum

 GERANIUM sanguieum "New Hampshire Purple" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

Geranium NH Purple is one of the best plants we grow in our group of over 500 varieties of plants.  It blooms for an extremely long time, it is neat in appearance, and is easy to cultivate, causing little difficulty. 

Geranium NH Purple spreads relatively fast and is covered in deep, reddish-purple flowers in early summer,  reaching a height of about 6”.   

An easy plant to recommend to new and experienced gardeners because we know you’ll be satisfied with the result.  


HEUCHERA “Silver Scrolls”

HEUCHERA "Silver Scrolls" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it, and other heuchera varieties at Kerns Nursery

One of the better new hybrid Heucheras.  Round silver leaves are set off with deep purple veins. The whitish pink flowers that appear in spring are showy & abundant.

HEUCHERA Canyon Pink      

     HEUCHERA Canyon Pink ... click to see a larger image ... buy them at Kerns Nursery

A compact form with small shinny rounded leaves  producing bright pink flowers  on 6” stems


HEUCHERA  “Strawberry Candy”

HEUCHERA "Strawberry Candy" to see a larger image ...  buy it and other heuchera varieties at Kerns Nursery

Green leaves marbled with silver on a compact (9”) plant.  The flowers have huge pink blossoms spreading above the foliage growing up to 28”.  Quite an impact!

Other varieties of Heuchera may include: Cathedral Windows, Petite Pearl Fairy, Raspberry Regal, Mint Frost, Helen Dillon, and Petite Ruby Frills 

MONARDA  (Bee Balm)
“Petite Delight”

 MONARDA (Bee Balm) "Petite Delight" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

Only growing 12-15” this unusual and relatively new, compact, Bee Balm has rosy-pink flowers. 

The deep, green leaves are dense and glossy and are quite mildew resistant.  The compact habit yields a neat plant with showy long blooming flowers that appear more abundant. 

We think this is a great plant for the middle border and has a mid-late summer bloom time.

VERBASCUM hybridism (mullein)
“Southern Charm”

VERBASCUM hybridism (mullein) "Southern Charm" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

We grow this great plant and sell it with our annual plants (thus lower pricing) though it is actually a perennial. 

We were worried a bit about the hardiness, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem though it is still a short lived plant.  However it is a real beauty producing a mixture of flower color ranging from  apricot to cream and various shades of pink.  Flowers reaching a height of about 2’ are abundant and long blooming .  Verbascum Southern Charm looks best planting in groups and is a garden worthy plant receiving much praise when we use it in our landscapes.  

(Black-eyed Susan) “Goldstrum”

 RUDEBECKIA fulgida (Black-eyed Susan) "Goldstrum" ... click to see a larger image ... buy them at Kerns Nursery

Rudebeckia Goldstrum is a plant that needs little in introduction.  It is probably the best late season bloomer we have producing myriads of golden yellow daisies with  dark brown cone centers. 

This plant is long bloomed, spreads quickly, requires little maintenance and causes little problems and lots of happy summer thoughts. 

CAMPANULA carpatica

CAMPANULA carpatica "Deep Blue Clips" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

One of the later blooming dwarf plants that work equally well as a border plant as they do in a rock garden.  

Campanula Deep Blue Clips grows about 6-8” and is covered in early summer with many deep violet blue cup shaped flowers.  

AJUGA  “Chocolate Chip”

 AJUGA "Chocolate Chip" ... click to see a larger photo ... buy them at Kerns Nursery

Unique with its long, oval shaped leaves in vibrant chocolate - purple, Ajuga Chocolate Chip is a real winner.  This ajuga is compact and not as invasive as some ajugas, but can be planted as a ground cover or lovely border.  Flowers though secondary in importance on this plant are intense violet and grow to about 3”. 

AJUGA “Catlands Giant”
& “Jungle Beauty”

 AJUGA "Catlands Giant" ... click to see a larger photo ... buy them at Kerns Nursery

On the other side of ajugas here are two varieties that are large leafed and vigorous growing.

Both are deep purple in color and produce 6-8” spikes of deep, violet, blue flowers in the spring.


VERONICA "Goergia Blue" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

peduncularis “Georgia Blue”

VERONICA "Waterperry" ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

spicata “Waterperry"

There are many great Veronicas, but for a rock garden lover these are among my favorites.  In fact they are among my favorite in all plants.  They are easy to grow and bloom a long time.  Georgia Blue has tons of small, bright,  intense, blue flowers on short foliage and  stays more contained.   (Flower height 4-6”)

Waterperry has softer-shaded, more violet toned flowers.  The prostrate foliage spreads better and can be used as a sun loving ground cover.  This is also a long bloomer. 


SPIREA japonica "Little Princess" ... click to see a larger photo ...  buy it at Kerns Nursery

japonica “Little Princess”

SPIREA japonica "Magic Carpet" ... click to see a larger photo ...  buy it at Kerns Nursery

“Magic Carpet” & Neon Flash

Spireas are such versatile shrubs and a mainstay in our landscape plantings.  All are neat and can be pruned to be maintained.  They do not like to get dry, especially on initial planting. 

Little princess has green foliage with light pink flowers.  Both Magic Carpet and Neon flash have lovely showy golden foliage with intense rose flowers. 


 We have a wide range of daylilies at Kerns

We carry many varieties of Asiatic and oriental lilies that are grown from bulbs.  They produce lovely, large and extremely showy blooms normally around mid summer.  The color range is intense and amazingly beautiful.

We carry many handsome daylilies including many premium varieties.  If you properly select plants with varying bloom times, a bed of daylilies will give color all summer long.  The colors range from almost white, light yellow to gold, melon to vivid orange, pinks, rose, reds, burgundy, lavenders, violets and more.  Some repeat bloom.

We have a wide range of daylilies at Kerns

Some are ruffled.  Some are bicolors.  Their flowers are crisp and neat and the plants require simple cultural conditions.  Daylilies work well individually planted, in small groups or in mass plantings.  They also are an easy care, tall, ground cover for banks. 


Kerns Nursery Fern:  Athyrium filix-femina 'Branford Beauty

We have some great fern this year and hope you will find an interest in the great savings you will receive this weekend.  We will try to have some available in smaller sizes at reasonable prices for sale in multiples. 

Here are some of our hardy varieties. 

Kerns Nursery ferns: a few examples of our wide selection 


We carry some great varieties and some large plants.   A comforting plant for the shade or partial shade.  Many will also take a good deal of sun.  I have really come to love this group of plants.  Flowers on perennials are short term, but these great leaves in varying texture and color are amazing and last all through out the season. 

This year with every purchase of a hosta take 20% off a companion astilbe of your choice. 
Hosta and astilbe are two of the best shade garden companions.  They absolutely look wonderful planted in mass plantings together in slightly shady locations.  Here are some of the many varieties we are offering this year.

Coppelia & Riverton Beauty

 HELENIUM Coppelia ... click to see a larger photo ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

Everyone asks us what this tall and bright plant is when we near the end of our growing season.  Well its Helenium and it is a real winner for late season gardens.  Coppelia flowers with burnt orange flowers above sturdy 3’ stems.

Flowering slightly later Riverton Beauty has golden yellow flowers with bronze centers and grows about 36”-48”.  

This plant is hardy and masses up quickly.  Appropriately colored for the Fall season, Helenium looks sensational with Mums, ornamental cabbage and Kale.


PULSATILLA (Pasque Flower) ... click to see a larger image ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

9-12" purple flowers in Spring
(Pulsatilla rubra - deep ruby wine)

Easy to grow and pleasing to look at, pustatilla is one of my favorite perennials.  It requires good drainage.

Blossoms are born singly above feathery tufted foliage.  The flowers of the species are satiny, light purple and are abundant once established. 

This plant flowers for a long time and leaves behind lovely, furry, ornamental fruits that are visually pleasing.  

We hope to see you at one of our events.  Please e-mail us with your questions or suggestions.
Come and visit us during our many events in 2002 !

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