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Kerns - Plant of the Week 2002 - Heuchera

Throughout our season, we offer may special events and invite you to join us.  Pat Kerns also selects a Plant of the Week.
Our home page carries the latest Plant of the Week, with a detailed description.  When you are here, please ask us more about this, and other plants.  Typically, there is a special offer going with the Plant of the Week.

HEUCHERA “Silver Scrolls”

HEUCHERA "Silver Scrolls" ... buy it, and other heuchera varieties at Kerns Nursery

One of the better new hybrid Heucheras.  Round silver leaves are set off with deep purple veins. The whitish pink flowers that appear in spring are showy & abundant.

HEUCHERA Canyon Pink      

     HEUCHERA Canyon Pink ...  buy them at Kerns Nursery
A compact form with small shinny rounded leaves  producing bright pink flowers  on 6” stems

HEUCHERA  “Strawberry Candy”

HEUCHERA "Strawberry Candy" ... buy it and other heuchera varieties at Kerns Nursery

 Green leaves marbled with silver on a compact (9”) plant.  The flowers have huge pink blossoms spreading above the foliage growing up to 28”.  Quite an impact!

Other varieties of Heuchera may include:

Cathedral Windows, Petite Pearl Fairy, Raspberry Regal, Mint Frost, Helen Dillon, and Petite Ruby Frills

We hope to see you at one of our events.  Please e-mail us with your questions or suggestions.
Come and visit us during our many events in 2002 !

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