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Kerns - Plant of the Week 2002 - Helenium

Throughout our season, we offer may special events and invite you to join us.  Pat Kerns also selects a Plant of the Week.
Our home page carries the latest Plant of the Week, with a detailed description.  When you are here, please ask us more about this, and other plants.  Typically, there is a special offer going with the Plant of the Week.


Coppelia & Riverton Beauty

 HELENIUM Coppelia ... buy it at Kerns Nursery

Everyone asks us what this tall and bright plant is when we near the end of our growing season.  Well its Helenium and it is a real winner for late season gardens.  Coppelia flowers with burnt orange flowers above sturdy 3 stems.

Flowering slightly later Riverton Beauty has golden yellow flowers with bronze centers and grows about 36-48.   This plant is hardy and masses up quickly.  Appropriately colored for the Fall season, Helenium looks sensational with Mums, ornamental cabbage and Kale. 

We hope to see you at one of our events.  Please e-mail us with your questions or suggestions.
Come and visit us during our many events in 2002 !

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