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Kerns - Plant of the Week 2002 - Daylilies

Throughout our season, we offer may special events and invite you to join us.  Pat Kerns also selects a Plant of the Week.
Our home page carries the latest Plant of the Week, with a detailed description.  When you are here, please ask us more about this, and other plants.  Typically, there is a special offer going with the Plant of the Week.

Daylily Weekend

We carry many handsome daylilies including many premium varieties.  If you properly select plants with varying bloom times, a bed of daylilies will give color all summer long.  The colors range from almost white, light yellow to gold, melon to vivid orange, pinks, rose, reds, burgundy, lavenders, violets and more.  Some repeat bloom.

Some are ruffled.  Some are bicolors.  Their flowers are crisp and neat and the plants require simple cultural conditions.  Daylilies work well individually planted, in small groups or in mass plantings.  They also are an easy care, tall, ground cover for banks.


We hope to see you at one of our events.  Please e-mail us with your questions or suggestions.
Come and visit us during our many events in 2002 !

Last updated 01 May, 2004

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